Dawn K. Brohawn
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Dawn K. Brohawn

Director of Justice – Based Management Services

Ms. Brohawn is Director of Justice-Based Management Services for Equity Expansion International. She designs and implements communications and participation systems to help ESOP companies build and sustain their ownership culture. She has organized and facilitated employee ownership education and planning forums (including advanced communications protocols such as syntegrations), and has conducted employee ownership attitude surveys. She has also organized and administered elections for employee representatives to the Board of Directors. Ms. Brohawn has served on the Advisory Committee on Ownership Culture of The ESOP Association (formerly the Advisory Committee on Competitiveness, Communications and Participation) since 1989, and served twice as a judge for The ESOP Association’s national competition for excellence in employee ownership communications.


Ms. Brohawn also serves as Director of Communications of the Center for Economic and Social Justice, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. CESJ, which she co-founded in 1984, is an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan, ecumenical research and educational organization promoting a free market approach to economic and social justice for every person. Ms. Brohawn was the principal editor for CESJ’s 2002 report, Capital Homesteading for Every Citizen: A Just Free Market Solution for Saving Social Security, prepared under a grant by the William H. Donner Foundation. She edited the orientation book for President Reagan’s 1986 Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice (a CESJ initiative), as well as the 1997 compendium, Journey to an Ownership Culture: Insights from the ESOP Community (published by Scarecrow Press and The ESOP Association). Ms. Brohawn graduated in 1979 from Georgetown University, where she was in the English Honors Program and Liberal Arts Seminar.