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Our Unique Products

In addition to “justice-based” ESOPs, EEI’s ownership-broadening technologies include:


  • Community Investment Corporations (CICs) to enable local residents to acquire a share of the equity and profits in a professionally managed, for-profit land planning and real estate development corporation (particularly in “enterprise zones” and “super-empowerment zones”).


  • Justice-Based Management (JBMSM) systems that apply principles of economic justice, free enterprise, and private property within a corporate context to instill and sustain a culture of shared ownership and responsibility.


  • “Parallel Legal Systems” for allowing countries to introduce transitional or experimental monetary and tax systems for shifting their economies from wage system, socialized patterns to free market, broadened ownership system patterns.
What Makes EEI-Designed ESOPs Different?

Just as your company is unique, so is your ESOP. We give you and your company’s employee-owners the personal attention you need and deserve.

Most employee benefits, law and accounting firms, banks and other companies now providing ESOP services are rarely sensitive to the special needs and nuances of an ESOP that go beyond those of a typical pension plan or profit sharing plan. EEI devotes its expertise exclusively to this “special breed” of employee benefit.

We take employee stock ownership seriously because we know that it will have an impact on your company, its management system, and most of all, your employee-shareholders. Every member of the EEI team should become committed to the philosophy and values underlying the ESOP. We don’t just install ESOPs and disappear from the picture. As your company matures and your ESOP needs change, we’re there to assist you along the way.

And while other firms offer ESOP services in a piecemeal fashion, EEI handles every phase of an ESOP—from initial design of the plan itself, to its ongoing administration and communication. We help you gradually and systematically integrate employee-ownership into your unique corporate culture through a structured “Justice-Based Management” approach

Most important, we believe that a well-functioning ESOP maximizes ownership participation opportunities that enhance everyone’s chances of success. Ultimately, we know that if our clients succeed, we’ll succeed.