How We Deliver Value to You
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Every Worker and Citizen an Owner

Let’s face it. Putting together and implementing an ESOP require a substantial investment of your company’s time and money. But even more expensive is doing it wrong. One serious misstep with IRS or Department of Labor requirements and you can end up paying a substantial penalty or having your plan disqualified.


Our aim is to keep your ESOP operating in complete compliance with ever-changing ESOP laws and regulations. We want to make having an ESOP as easy and worthwhile for you as possible.


Equity Expansion International is committed to providing our clients with the best value in the ESOP industry—the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost by:

  • Working with the most experienced ESOP professionals…who know how to do the job accurately, promptly and efficiently . . . who can spot danger signs…who appreciate the “big picture” as well as the little details.
  • Increasing the efficiency of our ESOP administration through the use of customized computer programs.
  • Keeping our own costs low by practicing in our own company what we preach—stressing flexible rewards through ownership sharing and profit sharing, rather than constantly ratcheting up our own fixed labor fees.